Pocket Mini PC, Xiaomi Ningmei Rubik’s Cube CR160R Refurbished

Youpin , which is part of Xiaomi , has announced a mini PC model that fits in a pocket in the past years. The PC, called Xiaomi Ningmei Rubik’s Cube , has been updated with a new version this year. Xiaomi Rubik’s Cube CR160R model has been announced.

Just like last year, the focus of this year’s model is to provide adequate performance despite the small size. Let’s take a close look at this tiny monster.


What Features Does Xiaomi Rubik’s Cube CR160R 2nd Generation Have?

Let’s talk about dimensions first. This mini model has dimensions of 62 mm X 62 mm X 44 mm . The computer, which weighs only 145 grams, looks like a device like a place in your pocket.

Of course, size matters and is the main focus for this mini PC, but as we said at the beginning, it also needs to work. Technical features are also important. Xiaomi Youpin has included the Intel Celeron J4125 processor in the 2nd generation Ningmei Rubik’s Cube computer . The processor released at the end of 2019 is not a very new processor model.

The Lake series comes with a 4-core processor, 4 MB cache and 2.0 GHz base frequency . The turbo frequency value is 2.7 GHz . The TDP of the processor is only 10W.

It is not a very powerful processor, but considering the dimensions and target audience, we can say that it will work.

The brand does not offer an additional graphics unit next to this processor. How do you present it?  We also see the Intel HD Graphics 600 series as the internal graphics unit . The same processor and graphics unit were used for the 1st generation.

Let’s move on to the memory and storage part. This tiny beast is a DDR4 RAM- powered PC. The brand offers two different models. One has 6GB of RAM and the other has 8GB of RAM .


M.2 SSD is also included in the storage unit. According to the brand, it has read and write speeds of over 500 MB/s . Of course it was not possible to test it. In terms of storage space, we see that 128 GB and 256 GB options are offered.

What About Connection?

Xiaomi Ningmei Rubik’s Cube CR160R 2nd generation model has both 2.4G and 5G Wi-Fi support. The mini computer, which also has a USB Type-C port, has an HDMI connection and 2 USB 3.0 ports.

In addition, a Gigabit Ethernet port , 3.5mm jack input and a TF card input are included. I mean, it seems to be doing a good job considering its size. Finally, I would like to add that Youpin has succeeded in placing a Bluetooth module in this device. In other words, it will allow the use of a wireless keyboard and mouse.

Let’s come to the prices announced for the tiny monster. The mini PC, which has not yet been sold globally, has a price of 133 Euros in the 6 GB version and 162 Euros in the 8 GB version. I don’t know how widespread it is. But on paper, it must be admitted that it is a useful mini PC.





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