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New Flagship Killer Poco F5 Arrives

POCO, which is generally mentioned with its affordable smartphones, will come up with a slightly more ambitious smartphone this time. The brand’s new model, the Poco F5 , has already begun to be called the flagship killer.

Aside from the leaked specifications of the phone , the release date for the new model has now been shared. Let’s take a look at both the release date for the new model and the technical features of the model.


How Will Poco F5 Technical Specifications Be?

We mentioned at the beginning that this model will be the flagship killer. The leaked features also confirm this. We see that the phone will have a Snapdragon 7+ Gen 2 processor. The processor, which has an ambitious performance value, although not as much as the flagship models, was introduced recently.

Apart from this, in the RAM section, we will see 12 GB of RAM memory , which is again a RAM amount that we do not see very often in mid-segment models. A capacity that we do not see very often, even in flagship models.

Apart from the memory part, we can say that 256 GB of storage is another expected feature. Let’s come to the screen features that are claimed to be on the phone.

The model in question will have a 6.67-inch QHD + AMOLED display with a refresh rate of 120 Hz on the screen part . We can say that the screen with up to 1400 nits will appeal to a wide range of users in terms of refresh rate. For now, these are the features that the leaks point to.

Expected Camera Features 

  • 50MP main rear camera
  • 8MP secondary camera
  • 2MP macro camera
  • 16MP front camera

When is the Poco F5 Release Date?

It should be said that the release date for the new smartphone is also very close. Again, leaks show that there will be a promotion for the model on April 6th . It is not clear when the phone will be on the market or what the price of the Poco F5 will be.


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