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Huawei P60 Pro Unboxing Video Leaked! Giant Camera Appeared

Huawei, which offers smartphones that manage to stand out with its camera every time, wants to achieve this in its new flagship model. What we understand from the leaked images so far is that the brand has new plans for this. With a more advanced sensor and better software support, we expect the camera of the Huawei P60 Pro model to make a sound.

Aside from the camera features, it should be said that the introduction for the phone is also very close. This is exactly why the leaks of the model, which is expected to be introduced this month, are intensified. Finally, the unboxing video of the phone has also leaked.


Huawei P60 Pro Design Changes Expected

When we evaluate the video published as the unboxing video, we see the future of the design, which is also included in the leaks. The camera, located in the middle of the rear camera setup, will have a very large lens.

There will be sensors above and below it, but it will be the camera in the middle that will mark the case. It is this camera selection that will change the design of the P series.

Here, Huawei will use 50 MP Sony IMX888 sensors with variable aperture. It should also be said that the sensor has an aperture value of f / 1.4-4.0.

Apart from that, the telephoto camera will be a 3.5 times optical zoom telephoto camera with a 64 MP RYYB sensor .

We expect the processor choice for the Huawei P60 Pro, which will be the flagship of the camera, to be Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 . Of course, 5G support is not expected due to the embargo. We will see after the introduction whether the processor selection puts the phone in the background.


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