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Huawei P60 Pro Image Leaked! Giant Camera Coming

Despite the embargoes, Huawei phones are still among the smartphones with the best cameras . Especially when it comes to flagship models, the color of the business changes even more. It looks like we need to get ready for another smartphone like this. Because leaks for the Huawei P60 Pro have started to come.

The latest images, which are stated to belong to the phone, show that we will see a giant camera in the new flagship. A model that will probably shake the DxOMark lists will be presented.


Huawei P60 Pro is Ambitious Again

In the images, it seems that the phone will have 3 different color options. While we come across purple, green and white color options, the size of the main camera is also surprising.

There will be other lenses at the top and bottom of this camera, which seems to be placed in the very center of the camera section.

Allegedly, a 50 MP Sony IMX888 sensor will be used in the main camera. The other camera to accompany the sensor, which will also have an XMAGE 2.0 upgrade, is expected to be 50 MP . The telephoto camera will come as a 64 MP OV64B Omnivision 3.5x optical zoom sensor.

The processor issue for the new phone still remains a mystery. For now, the expectation is to use the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor. Let’s add that the last flagship family will be announced with the introduction of March 23 . Huawei P60 Pro will also be the guest of honor of this promotion.


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