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Steam Gives 149 TL Worth of Game for Free

We are in a period where we criticize the rising game prices on Steam. But even though we criticize the prices, discount news and campaign news do not follow. We made a post for the last Spring Sale. This time, there is free game news, not a discount news. Steam made the game Sludge Life worth 149 TL for free .

This time there is a difference in the campaign. If you buy the game within the specified time, the production will continue to be yours. So you won’t have to pay any fees afterwards. Although it is not a very famous game, let’s say it is a production that you can enrich your library and let’s get into the details.


Sludge Life Released for Free

The reason why the game is free is that the sequel was announced the other day and the Steam page for Sludge Life 2 was opened. In honor of the announcement of the sequel, the first game was made free for a short time.

If you add the game to your account by March 30, 2023 , the production will be yours permanently. This time we are not talking about a time limit or something. The game will stay in your account indefinitely as if you bought it.


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