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Counter Strike 2 Announced! The Owner Is Back

Long-standing leaks turned out to be true. Valve finally made the expected announcement and Counter Strike 2 was officially announced. The new version, which will change the important foundations for the main game , will rise above the Source 2 engine.

We will also see that the game hosts very important changes. Let’s take a look at the giant renewal through the details announced.


What Will Counter Strike 2 Offer?

The new update is the place to say that it will recreate the game. Let’s go by classifying the changes over the 3 videos published .

Maps Refreshing

It will be possible to see that the maps have changed greatly in the game. Maps will be completely overhauled and a much more realistic atmosphere will be provided with the new game engine.

We will see that new maps are added to the future maps that are much more realistic in terms of textures. We can say that the new maps prepared through the image processing features of the Source 2 game engine will renew the spirit of the game.

We will see that the new maps are at a much better level, not only in terms of texture and visuals, but also in terms of lighting. Let’s also add that the original texture was upgraded for the famous maps without losing it. Like Dust 2 for example .

Updates for Weapons and Skins

With the new version, your skins that you use in the Counter Strike game will be protected. You will also find that your weapons are protected. But with the new version, the images of all weapons and skins will be overhauled.

We will see better models and textures with higher resolution. It will be a structure similar to the graphic structure we see in new generation games.


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