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Claim: Diablo 4 Broke RTX 3080 Ti Graphics Cards

In the beta version, it is generally talked about how the game is, but we can say that the claims that spread rapidly in the internet world started to get ahead of the game. 

Did Diablo 4 Damage RTX 3080 Ti Models?

In the claims on the Reddit and Blizzard forums, the players state that the graphics cards are very difficult after entering the game. After a while, the system crashes and the image disappears after the graphics cards are overextended . It is not possible to restore the image again.


Some users made comments stating that after entering the game, the video card was forced excessively, but there was no problem such as crashing.

For now, there is also information that users who have such a problem solved the problem by limiting frame rates from the control panel. But of course it’s not a sure solution. It is also unclear whether permanent damage has been done to the cards.

According to the claims in Reddit and forums, it has been stated that this type of problem is generally experienced in Gigabyte and EVGA RTX 3080 Ti models.

It is normal to have some problems in the beta version, but experiencing such a big problem makes things very complicated.

For now, we have to wait for the company’s statements on the subject. The company made a statement about the optimization problems experienced in the beta and stated that they would be resolved. However, there is no detailed explanation about the alleged corruption of graphics cards. Let’s not forget that the game will be released with a stable version on June 6th. We do not know if these problems or claims will affect the release of the game.


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