The shortage of new vehicles stimulated the second-hand market

The difficulty of obtaining new vehicles from dealers led buyers to second-hand cars. The demand for the second hand has also increased the prices.

The limited number of new cars in dealerships directed buyers to second-hand cars. When the citizens who wanted to buy a vehicle could not find a vehicle at the dealerships, the second-hand car market became active.

Intense demand was reflected in the prices as an increase. The dealers complain that they cannot resell the vehicle they sold at the same price.


Saying that there is a dynamism in the second-hand car market, the dealer Gökhan Ardeşen used the following statements:

The demand for used cars is high. Prices continue to rise. We are having problems with replacing the vehicle we sold. 

There are no new vehicles in the dealers, the delivery date is given to the next date. During this time, prices are rising. We are experiencing a dynamism in the second-hand car market as the demand cannot be met at the dealers’.

Togg’s impact on the market

The price of the domestic car Togg has been announced recently and has been opened for pre-order. Togg’s impact on the automobile market is yet to be seen.

Gallerists said no short-term impact is expected. Gallerist Gökhan Ardeşen said, “We are excitedly waiting for the mass production of the domestic car Togg. When it goes into mass production, it will affect the decrease in prices in the automobile markets. Currently, we do not expect it to affect automobile prices in the short term, while it is still in the pre-order period.” He said.


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