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Steam Spring Sale Game Recommendations Under 50 TL

Steam Spring sale ends next week. Maybe these discounts will be the last ones before the new price hikes. I can say that it is the right time for those who want to buy games. We recently shared some game suggestions. Now we are here with the Steam spring discounts, game suggestions guide under 50 TL .

Let’s see which games you can get with a budget of 50 TL or less. When we consider the prices, unfortunately, our list will not be very long. However, we will try to include entertaining productions as much as possible.


Steam Spring Sale Our List for Games Under 50 TL

Civilization VI – Currently Priced 22 TL

Definitely one of the best games for strategy lovers. The production, signed by 2K Games, is the current pre-current game of the long-running series. Starting from the first age in the game, you are trying to develop your civilization and prevail against your enemies. You have to pay attention to every economic, military, cultural and diplomatic detail. Let me state from the beginning, it is a long-term game. Game times can be quite long.

Deep Rock Galactic – Currently Price 51 TL

Developed by Ghost Ship Games, Deep Rock is a fun action game where you control space dwarfs. In the game with Turkish interface and subtitle support, you have to destroy everything around you to reach your goal. In the process, you will face many different alien creatures. Of course, big guns will help you. The fact that the game can be played as Co-Op also makes the production very fun.


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