From Epic Games in One Impact! Popular Games Raised

About 2 months ago, Steam started to increase game prices seriously. It should also be said that we feel these hikes more clearly, especially in popular games. The good news at that time was that Epic Games stayed away from hikes. But it seems that the last stronghold is also falling. Because this time , Epic Games announced that it has hiked the popular Rockstar Games games.

When we look at the new prices, we can see that the hikes are quite high. In fact, we can state that the price difference between Steam and Epic Games has completely disappeared after these hikes .


How Are The New Prices On Epic Games?

We saw remarkable hikes in two popular games. One of them is Red Dead Redemption 2 and the other is GTA V production.

Both games are games that have been on sale for a long time and have been on the agenda with campaign news many times. In fact, the RDR 2 was recently offered for sale at a 67% discount as part of the end-of-winter sales . We see that the current price of the game is 1.150 TL . The current price for this standard package.

When you choose the Ultimate Edition package, the situation changes a little more. In this case, you are faced with a price of 1,700 TL .

The situation is not much different for GTA 5. GTA 5 is currently on sale at a price of 551 TL . I don’t know if the game has been released for such a high price before, but it seems like it will be a little difficult to reach the production from now on.

There is currently a price change in Rockstar Games games. We can probably start to see similar situations in other productions in the near future. If price hikes become a habit on the Epic Games side, as in Steam, then wow players.


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