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Coming Step by Step! CS2 Name Registered

CS2 claims have been on the agenda for a long time. First, the leak in the NVIDIA source codes, and then the leaks caught on SteamdB, the new production started to be talked about frequently.

The latest information proves that Valve is working on the new production. Because, according to the latest information, CS2 has been registered.


Moreover, it seems that Valve has registered for several different categories. We can say that a new proof has been presented regarding the game.

Will CS2 Become the New Counter Edition?

When we look at the registered names, we see that two different expressions are registered in two different ways. First, new registrations were taken under the name of Counter Strike. The name appears to have been registered under the category of game software and downloadable games.

In the other part, the name CS2 appears. Here again, it is understood that the registration has been registered in two different categories as online game service and game software.

If we make inferences for both registrations, yes, we can say that Valve is doing some work on Counter Strike . It is not clear when the game will be released or what difference it will make.

It is not clear whether there will be a comprehensive update like Source 2 or whether we will see the new version of the game. A huge update is expected under Source 2 . But of course, it will be Valve who announces the exact information.

I am adding the news of the allegations that we have prepared according to the latest leaks. You can also find the details of the new game claims in our news.


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