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A New Map That Will Add Color To The Game For PUBG Is On The Way!

We can say that PUBG, which is one of the games that players never leave, has created a solid user base. When the interest in the Battle Royale genre did not decrease much, the considerable audience of the game preserved its place. Krafton, on the other hand, continues to take new steps to protect this audience. In the developer chats held on March 18, new explanations were made for the game.

In 2023, innovations were announced about the course of the game and how the production will progress from now on. Apart from the innovations that will increase the quality of the game and prevent cheating, it was possible to get a few small tips about the new map that will be produced.


PUBG’s New Map Will Be Neon

We will see that the code name of the map that will be newly added to the game is “Neon” . There is not much information about the new map, but we know that a hybrid map that brings together a modern city structure and rural areas will appear. On the one hand, there will be a modern city structure with skyscrapers rising, and on the other, unexplored rural areas.

The code-named Neon map, which will bring along a new type of game, the details of which have not been disclosed yet, will also offer a variety of transportation options, including air, water and land. We will see that the Neon map , which will also have pluses such as dynamic weather, additional nature visuals, additional weapons and new cars, is added to the game towards the end of this year.


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