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Sony Introduces Two New DualSense in Red and Black

PlayStation DualSense controller gets two new color options.

These models, called Midnight Black and Cosmic Red, will be available from next month.


The new colors were designed around the ‘galaxy’ theme. The Midnight Black version features two subtle black tones with light gray details to “reflect how we see space from the night sky.” The Cosmic Red version has a more distinctive two-tone look.

Both controllers have matching button designs with blacked out switches in the black variant and red ones in the red variant. Both colors have a subtle shade of blue, designed to match the original white DualSense controller that includes this hue.

The new controller colors will be available worldwide starting next month. Exact dates will vary by region.

Its prices are planned to be sold for 69.99 dollars / 69.99 euros / 899 TL.


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