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Will PUBG Battlegrounds Be Free? So when?

It is not possible to forget the legendary games easily. Especially if this game is online-based and there is a competitive situation, then the game does not fall off the agenda, even after years. PUBG Battlegrounds is one of such games. The game, which was released in 2017, has been on the agenda for years, but this time we have different news. So much so that this time PUBG Battlegrounds is on the agenda with its free news.

After years, it will be possible for everyone to play the game. So when will the production be free? What happens to those who bought the game when it’s free?


When Is PUBG Battlegrounds Free?

After the announcement made within the scope of The Game Awards 2021 event , it was announced that the game will be offered free of charge to everyone. The date that the production will be free on all platforms was announced as January 12, 2022 .

After this date, we will now be able to access the production for free and we will now participate in new events.

After PUBG Battlegrounds is Free, What Will Happen to Those Who Buy the Game?

A similar situation happened for CS: GO. The game was free. What about those who paid money and bought the game? Of course, the company does not forget those users. After all, it is the users who make the PUBG game come to these days and make the company grow so much, and buy the game by paying money.

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Here, a privilege will be offered to these users. After the game is free, we will see the Battlegrounds Plus package sold.


In the Plus package;

  • Ranked game mode
  • Medals and additional career chapters
  • Specially selectable match modes
  • There will be cosmetic items that will be offered exclusively.

The bundle will be given for free to anyone who has purchased the game by January 12, 2022. A special map pack will also be available. In addition, we will see some cosmetic gifts items and more being offered.

If you haven’t purchased the game but still want to access this package, then you will have to pay a fee of 12.99 dollars. I am not sure how much this package will cost in Turkey right now. You should see the descriptions. Let’s add that there is no requirement for the players to buy this package.

So, Does the Number of Cheating Users Increase?

As a result, interest will increase as the game will be free. We expect the number of players to increase significantly in the first time it is free. In this case, the number of cheaters will definitely increase. We will wait and see if the production will take different measures in this regard.

There are already certain cheat protections, but maybe we will see new measures coming. We will now try the PUBG Battlegrounds free game, which we have previously gained in CS: GO production . There are so many details that we are looking forward to.


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