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Warzone Last Hours of Verdansk Update Coming

An all-day event that will make us say goodbye to Warzone ‘s original map for the last time.

It will be released today as we all prepare for a new age of adventure on the Caldera.


Players can fight one last time. We don’t know what special event will happen in this concluding event, but if we’re coming out of the nuclear explosion that wiped out the final version of the map, we can assume it’s going to be something big. Players won’t have much time, as the event will only run until December 7th, meaning you have one day to get in there and experience it for yourself.

Caldera, the aforementioned map set in the Pacific, is the start of a new season. Call of Duty: Vanguard will begin a brand new Warzone journey with the integration of weapons and major changes to the game balance.

This all comes after a series of limited-time events unfolded in Warzone, all sharing the goal of creating excitement for new content while posting the past.


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