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Townscaper Added to Xbox Game Pass

The indie gem Townscaper has arrived on Xbox Game Pass , adding one more game to its already impressive lineup of new additions this week.

You can find the details below.


A small teaser for the game reads, “Build quaint island towns with winding streets, small hamlets, towering cathedrals, canal networks or sky cities on pillars. Build the town of your dreams, block by block.” “There are no targets. There is no real gameplay. Just lots of structure and lots of beauty. That’s it.”

In the game, you can choose colors from the palette, place the colored house blocks on the irregular grid, and watch the Townscaper’s basic algorithm automatically transform these blocks into tiny houses, arches, stairs, bridges, and lush backyards.

The game is also surprisingly beautiful for those who like to collect achievements. If you’re going to complete it on purpose, you can expect to get the full 1000G from the game in ten minutes at the most.


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