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Sea of ​​Thieves Season 5 Has Arrived

New adventures await you on the open seas.

Season 5 is now  released for Sea of ​​Thieves  players.


The new season brings new treasure burying options, among other fun things like cannon-equipped boats and helper mice on board. With the season, you will now be able to use your shovels by burying the treasure instead of uncovering it.

After burying it, you can make a map and keep it, or pin it to the Quest Board for others to find. Doing the latter will earn you both reputation and bonus Fame.

Only if you put Map Packs on the Captain’s Desk. Be aware that they can be stolen by other pirates if they sneak into your ship. Also, when a ship sinks, Map Bundles will surface like any other item to collect.

You can bury more than treasure. Other objects, such as powder kegs, can also be placed under the ground to trap whoever is digging them.

Many game improvements come with the season, with the addition of fireworks, cannon boats, flares, and the ability to sit and sleep on more floors.


Fireworks can be obtained by purchasing themed Firework Chests from the Merchant Guild at each Outpost or by exploring the seas. Fireworks produces a range of effects and colors with over 50 different designs. To use one, just load it into a ball and it will explode with lights.

With flares, these will be found in the ship’s Cannonball Barrels, and when loaded into a cannon, they will send a bright beacon into the sky to call for help or signal allies.

Speaking of firing cannons, you can now equip your boat with a cannon, and placing a Cannon Boat on your ship will provide an additional cannon for these smaller ships.

The season also brings six new Dice Rolling emotes and the ability to find floating treasure thanks to Kraken tentacles or seagulls that spin around after defeating a Megalodon. It’s now possible to transfer resources more quickly between barrels, storage crates, and Boat chests, and Skeletons and Ghosts now have a chance to drop ammo bags on defeat.


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