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Next Generation Horror Game Aftermath Announced

META and developer ONE-O-ONE Games announced AFTERMATH .

The game will be released for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam, PC in 2022.


The psychological thriller and action-adventure game Aftermath has announced with a cinematic teaser trailer that gives general hints about the proposed gameplay. Psychological horror and survival horror are a staple genre in video games for how tense, atmospheric they can be.

For example, psychological horror games like Silent Hill, Soma, and Visage have continued the genre with unique storytelling and narrative-driven experiences that keep players excited and on the edge of their seats as they play.

As the genre’s popularity continues with modern game franchises, more games are emerging that have clear implications for survival horror and psychological horror predecessors. Wroned Us’ many horror inspirations make it a convincing premise, with cinematic visuals and graphics that help strengthen their horror capacity. Recently, the newest of the games that combine dystopian sci-fi elements with traditional psychological horror has been announced.

Charlie Gray was very happy. A talented engineer and European astronaut, Charlie’s career had taken him to places some could only dream of. But after things went wrong on the way back to the atmosphere and shocking events occurred, Charlie’s mood had changed. As his life moves into ever more dark places, Charlie now finds himself alone in an abandoned, transformed world. All she knows is that she still has to find the one thing she cares about: Sammy.

Analyze your environment and take advantage of the city resources you have. Ordinary, simple items can now be invaluable tools when fighting against mysterious beings that have taken over the city. Investigate the aliens’ weaknesses and find the best method to eliminate those who want to sacrifice you.




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