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Company of Heroes 3 Free to Try! Here are the details

Company of Heroes, one of Relic Entertainment ‘s best strategy games, is gaining a new member recently. The series will be updated with Company of Heroes 3 .

The series, where we have only been able to see updates and additional DLC packs since 2013, finally comes with a new game. Here is a good news in honor of this new game has been announced. The production has been put into public alpha testing. In Turkish, we will be able to try the game for free.


Company of Heroes 3 Free to Play and Details

Relic announced that the Alpha version of the game will be available to everyone for 1 week. It will be possible to try the Alpha version from today until December 7th .

Of course, we will not see the full game in the Alpha version. There will be no story mode and single player modes. It will be possible to try the online mode instead. In addition, only the US and Wehrmacht sides can be selected in the production. However, maps will also be limited. Maps in alpha mode;

  • 2 vs 2 torrent
  • Twin Beaches 1 on 1
  • Pachino Farmlands 2 to 2
  • Aere Perennius 2 to 2

It will be in shape. The number of modes that can be played on these maps is also limited. In the Company of Heroes 3 alpha test, we will see that there are only two modes for now.

  • 1.Victory Points: It will be a timed game. The player with the highest score within the time limit is the winner at the end of the game.
  • 2.Annihilation: It will come as a mode called absolute victory. The game will continue until the parties are completely destroyed. I think this will be played the most. 🙂

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Here are the details of Company of Heroes 3 free game. If you want to try the game for a period of 1 week and see what kind of production it will be, then what you need to do is very simple.

  • From here you need to go to the production site.
  • Then you can download the game from the  Multiplayer Pre-Alpha section.
  • Note that you will also be asked to link your account to your Steam account here. The game will appear in your Steam library. Of course only for as long as it’s available for free.


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