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Splinter Cell Remake Coming! First Video Shared

The year is 2003. Ubisoft presented a game and suddenly it managed to attract attention. Yes, we’re talking about making Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell. It was one of those thriller games where we control an agent. The series received enough attention and received full marks from the critics in the year it debuted. Afterwards, we also saw sequels, but if you look at them, none of them made as much noise as the first game. It is not known whether this is the case, but now Splinter Cell Remake is coming.

The Remake production, which will come as an adaptation of the first game to the next generation, will not be a sequel. But it still seems to be enough to make a sound.


New Video for Splinter Cell Remake

With the video announcement made by Ubisoft, the new game has emerged. Since it is a remake series, the graphics will probably be improved, animations and models will be fixed and textures will be improved in the new game.

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We do not expect a significant change in the story part or the in-game tools part. The future of the game was announced, but no additional details were given in the video or in the press releases.

Therefore, our expectation for change is limited to this for now. We will see the first game again, but apparently we will have to wait for a while for the sequel to the series. There is not even the slightest information about the sequel yet.

We will now wait for the Remake version developed with the Snowdrop Engine game engine. Let’s see the Splinter Cell Remake game first , and then let’s start discussing the sequel.


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