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Sniper Elite 5 Will Take Us To France When It Releases Next Year

Rebellion has announced that the Sniper Elite series will return with the release of Sniper Elite 5 in 2022.

Fight the Nazis in 1944 France.


Sniper Elite 5 , which will be released simultaneously on Xbox Game Pass, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, Epic Games Store, Steam and Windows Store . Once again, Karl Fairburne stars as he travels to 1944 France to destroy Operation Kraken.

Based on real-world locations in France in 1944 , the new game maps will be the largest and most immersive maps in the series’ history. As a sniper, your goal will be to eliminate high-ranking Nazi officers to uncover the plots behind Operation Kraken and destroy them before they begin.

The game will also feature customization options that will allow you to fully customize your rifle, other weapons and ammo to suit your mission and playstyle.



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