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Scrapland Remastered Arrives for PC

MercurySteam has released Scrapland Remastered , a remastered version of its first game.

The game was released for PC from 179.91 TL via Steam and GOG.


Scrapland was first released for PC on November 4, 2004 . The Xbox version was released on February 28, 2005. You can click here to reach the game’s Steam page and get detailed information .

The cult game from MercurySteam returns with unforgettable characters, powerful ships and a humorous sci-fi adventure. Get ready to participate in fierce Multiplayer battles and race your ships.

Features of the game

  • Hack the system! Take control of 15 different characters with interesting personalities and abilities that will test your skills and sense of humor.
  • Find the murderer who has infiltrated the world of robots and complete the 140+ missions in the game to put an end to that murderous man’s crime list.
  • Patrol the city with your favorite warship. Speed, firepower, countermeasures, maneuverability, durability… It’s all on these ships. You can have it all if you try.
  • Multiplayer mode: An exciting combination of races and battles that is still unmatched in this genre of game. Create your own games or join other players on a local network or online.
  • Remastered content: This version is enhanced with high-definition mods, dedicated servers and revised network code, full controller support, in-game improvements, achievements, and Steam Cloud support.


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