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Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden, Epic Games’ Free Game Today

As you know, Epic Games gives free games daily. 

Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden is a tactical game that blends turn-based combat with real-time exploration, story, stealth and strategy.


The game is completely free until 23.12.2021 at 19:00 . The game is currently on sale on Steam for 89 TL. It will be available on Epic for the same price after the free presentation.

Explore a post-human Earth where humankind has been exterminated by climate change, nuclear war, and epidemics. Can your mutant team survive in the Zone?

From a team that includes the former designers of HITMAN and PAYDAY comes Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden , a tactical game that combines XCOM’s turn-based combat with Mutants and real-time stealth and exploration of a posthuman world reclaimed by nature.

Now it’s over and stagnation reigns on Earth. Nature invaded the ruined cities. The wind sweeps the empty streets, turning them into cemeteries. All people disappeared. Mutants of deformed humanoids and animals roam the ruins of civilization in search of salvation or simply something to eat. To survive, you and your friends must venture out to explore the Area.

You can click here to access the game’s Epic Games Store page and add it to your free library .



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