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eFootball 2022 Named One of the Worst of the Year! PES Legend Returns?

The rivalry between PES and FIFA dates back to the late 90s. I remember a period when we used to compare two games all the time. We were looking for an answer to the question: PES or better FIFA? But this year things have changed. PES is gone, eFootball 2022 is here.

The balance has officially changed. The game is out but many PES fans said if it was deadlock. Moreover, this time the game was offered completely free of charge, but received a lot of criticism. The last bad news on this issue came from Metacritic .


eFootball 2022 Gets Worst Score

Metacritic has released the year’s rating scores for games released in 2021. As a result of this evaluation made by Metacritic, one of the addresses accepted as the authority for the game world, eFootball 2022 received the worst score.

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After the general evaluations, the game received an average of 25 points and took the last place in the list of the worst games of the year.

Already when the game was first released, it was criticized a lot, especially about modeling. We saw faces and textures unrelated to football players in the models in the production.

In addition, there were some errors in the game, and these errors also attracted a lot of attention.


But everything is not over for eFootball, which comes with its new branding and new face. There is a good situation that this game is online. Moreover, it is a free production. KONAMI has already promised an update.

Updates to the game can turn everything around. We hope it will be.


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