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Cities Skylines Airport DLC Pack Release Date Announced

Paradox Interactive has confirmed that the Cities Skylines Airport DLC pack will launch for PC and consoles on January 25.

You can find the basic features of the package below


This DLC is all about adding and managing airports for the city, starting them as small hubs and allowing them to grow if tourists want to come to your city. The airport will also be an important piece of infrastructure for cargo import and storage.

Key features of Cities Skylines Airport DLC

  • Modular Airport Building: Lay out and design your airport by connecting various buildings using passenger networks.
  • Airport Improvement: If your airport gets approval from both business travelers and tourists, you will be rewarded with expanded building options and larger aircraft.
  • Public transport: Make life easier for those traveling by placing special airport buildings, allowing you to connect your airport to the city via basic modes of transport such as buses, subways and train stations.
  • Cargo Air Traffic: Build cargo terminals that blend in with other airport buildings.


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