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Your Christmas Present Has Arrived: Prey Is Free on the Epic Games Store Until December 26!

Epic Games , which has been on our agenda again with the games it has recently distributed for free, announced that it has officially added the Prey game to the list of free games that will last until December 30, with the taste of Christmas gift . If we need to talk about Prey briefly; You wake up in Talos I, a space station orbiting the lunar satellite in 2032, and you’re in the lead role of an experiment that aims to change humanity forever, but the plans didn’t go as planned…

If you want to add Prey to your library without paying, you need to act fast because you have until one day before another game becomes free.


If the free games distributed daily by the company don’t cut you off, Epic Games currently offers more than 1,300 games, versions and add-ons across the store with discounts of up to 95 percent. If you’re avoiding paying for games, Valve is currently running the Steam Winter Sale, with crazy discounts and free distributions on thousands of games until January 5.


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