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When Will God of War Ragnarok Be Released?

 One of these special productions, which has increased the sales of consoles for years, is known as God of War. We are waiting for the God of War Ragnarok sequel for the production, which is currently in the PC version .

The game is no longer a secret because there has already been an announcement for this production. The official announcement has been made for the game and Sony has opened the game-specific page. But the exact release date has not been announced. Here’s a leak showed that this date may have emerged.


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When Will God of War Ragnarok Meet Players?

PlayStation Game Size, which we know with its accurate predictions, made a new claim on the subject.

Obviously, someone threw a stone into a well, now it’s like love to the one who took it out. So much so that although we know that the game will come in 2022, we have not learned the exact date until now.

This post gives the exact date. According to the leak, which is said to be obtained from the information in the PlayStation database, the game will arrive on September 30, 2022 .

We’ll discuss whether it’s early or late, but we don’t even know yet whether this information is true or not. Frankly, we cannot even comment on when the information will be confirmed. Only they know when Sony will make an official statement on this matter. At least that’s the case right now. There are only leaks.


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