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Steam Next Fest Announced! Here is the Date

There are various events offered by Steam. Apart from summer discounts, winter discounts and weekend discounts, one of the most remarkable events offered by the platform is the Steam Next Fest event.

Within the scope of the event, which we can show as a game festival, developers and players come together in a way. Demos are being released for dozens of games and developers are doing live broadcasts. Here is the date for the festival, which will be held in 2022.


When Will Steam Next Fest 2022 Be Held?

According to the official statement made by Steam, the festival will be held on February 21 next year .

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The end date of the festival, which will last for 1 week, will be February 28 . In this 1 week, players will be able to play the demo version of hundreds of games.

In addition, as we said, it will be possible to participate in the live broadcasts of various developers. We do not know for sure which games will be demoed or which developers will take part in live broadcasts.

Let us remind you that you can try the games that will be given within the scope of the event for free. In addition, winter discounts continue. Don’t forget that too. 🙂 There are nice discounts.


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