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NVIDIA Released New Gameplay Video for Dying Light 2.

NVIDIA has released a new gameplay video for Dying Light 2 .

This new gameplay video showcases Ray Tracing effects to players.


More than twenty years ago we fought the virus in Harran and lost. Now we are losing again. The City, one of the last major surviving human settlements, has succumbed to chaos. Civilization has returned to the Dark Ages. Still, we did not lose hope.

You are a traveler with the power to change the fate of the City. Of course, his extraordinary abilities come at a price. You found yourself in the middle of the war as you started to learn the truth by analyzing the memories that you couldn’t understand. Hone your skills to defeat your enemies and find allies. You will need both a pen and a sword to do this. Unravel the dark secrets of those in power, choose your side and decide your destiny. But wherever your actions take you, there is one thing you must remember. Being human.

 You can find the trailer video below.



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