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Epic Games’ Free Game Today: Vampyr

Epic Games , which offers a free game to players every day until the end of the year ,

Today’s free game is Vampyr .


You can add the game to your Epic Games library for free until tomorrow at 19.00 . Vampyr is currently on sale on Steam for 47.50 TL. However, with the winter discount on Steam, the game will continue to be sold with a price of 190 TL when the discount is over at this price. On Epic, it will be on sale for 190 TL after the free presentation.

Remember that free games are valid for 24 hours, if you add them to your library during this time, the game will be completely yours.

1918 London. Returning to Vampire, Dr. You are Jonathan Reid. As a doctor, you must find a cure to save the flu-stricken citizens of your city. As a vampire, you are cursed to feed on what you have sworn to heal.

Will you be defeated by the beast inside you? Fight and survive against vampire hunters, Zombie Skals and other supernatural creatures.  Strive to live with your decisions… You will either sink or destroy London.


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