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ANNO: New Trailer From Mutationem Has Arrived

ThinkingStars has released a new trailer video for the game ANNO: Mutationem .

Upcoming and promising ANNO: Mutationem features various gameplay footage in its trailer video .


ANNO: Mutationem is a production that combines two-dimensional action platform and three-dimensional exploration elements and takes place in a cyberpunk themed world.

As Ann, a highly skilled combat-trained lone wolf, embark on a personal mission in a huge city filled with evil megacorporations, mysterious groups, creatures and more. It’s up to you to make Ann stronger and better with crafting, development and customization options in the game, which claims to offer a dark and surprising story.

The game will be released for PS5, PS4 and PC in the first quarter of 2022. You can click here to reach ANNO: Mutationem ‘s Steam page .


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