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An Unmissable Sale Has Arrived for FIFA 22

FIFA 22 may seem like one of the last strongholds for football game enthusiasts. So much so that the PES series has changed its name and continues as a free online game. But we saw that the last game of the PES series with its new name was chosen as one of the worst of the year. As a result, the rivals for the last game of the FIFA series have decreased.

There is another good news for the production, which we think will attract more players. The game, which is included in the Steam winter discounts , is offered for sale with a really significant discount.


FIFA 22 Gets 60% Discount

After the update made by Steam, we saw that the game received a 60% discount .

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The sale price, which was around 420 TL , decreased to a price of 168 TL . Let’s also mention that with a 60% discount, a more affordable price range is offered compared to the previous game. In other words, it was possible to buy the new game cheaper than the previous game.

I think this is a good development for our followers who are passionate about football games and haven’t bought the latest FIFA game yet. But I would also like to remind you.

Discounts are not exclusive to the FIFA series. Also, no long-term discounts. As of January 5, the winter discounts will end and the game will return to its old price with the end of the discounts.


This was a nice advantage of EA Games’ agreement with Steam. It looks like we’ll continue to see similar campaigns.


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