Will the Call of Duty Series Continue on PlayStation?

Microsoft literally detonated the bomb within the week and announced that it would buy Activision . The purchase process has not been completed yet, but there are already many questions about the subject. For example , the case of the Call of Duty series.

The Call of Duty series , one of the most important games for Activision, is a series with a large player base around the world. The side where the question marks for the game are formed is the Sony front. After all, the production is also coming to Sony game consoles. It is also one of the famous games for PlayStation.


When Microsoft completes the acquisition, doubts have arisen whether they will release the series only for their own platforms. In other words, it is thought that the game will say goodbye to PlayStation consoles and be played only on PC and Xbox models.

Here is an explanation for this. Phil Spencer made a statement on the subject. The implicit explanation shows what will actually happen.

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The Call of Duty Series Looks Like It Will Continue for PlayStation Consoles

Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer said in a statement that he was in talks with Sony. He also says that we are pleased with our cooperation with Sony. Stating that they also approved the desire to keep Call of Duty production on PlayStation consoles, Phil Spencer actually gave the green light.

If we look at this statement, it is very likely that the series will continue to take place on PlayStation game consoles. There is an impression that new games will also come for consoles.


But I don’t know if Microsoft has different conditions on this issue or if they have different limitations for the ambitious game series. From now on, the company’s statements will be important.

Let’s wait and see what results Microsoft’s move will yield. For now, we can say that there is no development that will upset PlayStation console owners.


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