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Steam Deck Release Date Announced!

Washington-based video game developer Valve has finally shared a release date for its highly anticipated handheld game console, Steam Deck . Steam Deck, which was introduced last July, will be released on February 28. After a delay late last year that pushed the launch of Steam Deck to 2022, the company has officially announced that the first units will be delivered to customers starting February 28.

After the first batch of Steam Decks has been sent to reservation holders, Valve will start sending new order emails weekly, so if you have a Steam Deck reservation you should be careful not to miss this email requiring you to confirm your purchase.


Will Steam Deck come to Turkey?

Steam Deck is currently only on pre-sale in the UK and European Regions, there is no statement made by the company as to whether it will be sold in our country in the future or what the price will be.


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