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PUBG PC is Free! How to Buy?

Claims that PUBG PC will be free have been on the agenda since December. There will be those who remember, we also shared about it. There was no definitive statement at first about when the game would be free. There were leaks. Once again, the leaks were correct and the game was released for free today, when it was announced.

With the production made free of charge, many questions came to mind. First, let’s give information about how you can get the game for free. Questions will come later.


How to Download PUBG PC for Free?

In fact, I would say that you do not need to do much for this. The game is free and is also available for free on Steam. However, I would like to make a short explanation for those who do not know.

  • The first thing we will do is open the Steam page of the game. You can use this link directly for this 

  • When you open the game’s page, you will see a section called “Free to Play – Play the Game” . Click the green button and add the game to the library.
  • Now the game has been added for free Do the download and now you can play the build.

Additional note: Of course, you must be logged into your Steam account while making these processors.

We announced that the game is free. We also mentioned how to add the game to your account for free. So what’s left then? Now I move on to the questions.

Curiosities for PUBG PC Free Edition


Has the game been free indefinitely?

  • Yes. It is not limited to a certain time or play, the production was completely free.

Why Did They Make The Game Completely Free?

  • We can’t say for sure, but if you ask me, there are a lot of free Battle Royale builds and Krafton chose such a way to fight.

Will There Be Additional Protection Against Cheating?

  • Of course, when the game was free, a question mark arose in the minds of the players. The most frequently asked question is whether the number of cheaters in the game will increase. Of course it can increase. We’ll see if the production has taken any additional measures for this.


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