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New Games Announced for Xbox Game Pass

In the second half of January, it was revealed which games will be gifted to Xbox Game Pass members.

Although no separate announcement was made for the games, Microsoft did not leave room for surprises and a poster was released for the new games. We don’t know if it was published deliberately or if it was published with an error on the official site. Our main focus is on which games will come.


What Games Will Xbox Game Pass Get in January?

When I take a glance at the poster, I definitely understand that very ambitious games will appear this month.

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It is possible to see new games in ambitious productions. Let me add that there will be 9 games in total before moving on to this topic, which production will be given where.

Xbox Game Pass January New games

  1. Rainbow Six Extraction – will be available for PC for console and cloud.
  2. Death’s Door – will be available for PC for console and cloud.
  3. Rainbow Six Siege Deluxe Edition – PC only.
  4. Windjammers 2 – for PC for console and for cloud
  5. Hitman Trilogy – for PC for console and cloud
  6. Taiko no Tatsujin The Drum Master – for PC and console
  7. Pupperazzi – for PC for console and cloud
  8. Danganronpa Anniversary Edition – for PC for console and for cloud
  9. Nobody Saves the Wold – for PC for console and cloud

New games are listed like this. Let’s add the image of the poster that appeared for the Game Pass January games . We will now wait for the next month and the games.


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