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God of War Rocks Steam! Record Interest

God of War PC made its debut recently. As soon as the game came out, it garnered the expected attention. The production, which many PC players have been waiting for years, has shaken Steam in 2 days.

Obviously, the data obtained through Steam also shows how much fan base the game has. Let’s talk about the numbers first, then let’s see why there is so much interest in the production.


God of War PC is on the agenda with the number of instant players

According to the information announced using SteamDB data, the number of simultaneous players of the game reached up to 70,000 people in just 1 day. If you ask why it is interesting for the game to reach this level, we are talking about a story-based game.

So its main aspect is not its online structure. In general, we see that the number of simultaneous players is high in multiplayer games, where the online structure is at the forefront. In story-based single-player productions, the number of simultaneous players can still be high, but not at the same level.

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We can say that God of War PC has achieved success in this regard. Also, we should not forget that we are not talking about a new game. The game can only be tried new for PC. In fact, console owners experienced the construction in 2018.

We were even able to play the game on PS5 with backward compatibility support. Despite this, it means that PC players were waiting for the release of the production. In the optimization tests, it is said that the game has achieved very successful results and its optimization is very good.


In this case, it seems to have directed PC players to the production. Let’s see how happy Sony will be with this situation. So much so that the new games of the production will continue to come. Maybe we can see new decisions that will please PC players.


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