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God of War PC Version 1.0.2 Released! What Has Changed?

God of War PC has been on the agenda since its release. The story of Kratos has surrounded PC players this time. The production, which broke instant player records on Steam, also got full marks in optimization. However, the updates of the game started to come. The first released version was the God of War PC 1.0.2 version update .

We have also seen the release notes published to show what the new update brings to the game. We wanted to share with you the details of the update, which will fix a few minor problems.


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God of War PC 1.0.2 Update and Adjustments

Let’s go directly to what the regulations are.

  • The problem of entering the game without disabling the internal graphics units on 12th generation Intel processors has been fixed.
  • Edited for an interface bug that caused a memory leak.
  • A new notification feature has been added that allows users to display an error message if the GPU response time is prolonged and errors are received in the game, that is, if the GPU becomes unresponsive.
  • During the game save process, if the game cannot be saved for any reason, an error message will now be displayed as a notification to users.
  • Apart from these regulations and new notification features, we see that God of War PC 1.0.2 version does not bring any additional innovations. As we have already said, the optimization of the game was found to be quite successful. Incoming updates are mostly on minor adjustments or additional features.

    It is known that updates will continue after this. But we do not know if something will be added to the game on the basis of innovation. Because the game is actually a game made in 2018 and its story has been completed. But still, additional content or DLC packs may come as a PC special. We’ll wait and find out.


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