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God of War, PC and PS5 Version Comparison Released (Video)

The long awaited time has finally come for God of War , whose PC version has been awaited for a long time. The game releases for everyone tomorrow. The game will be available for purchase for everyone soon, but now the PC version has reached the test teams. As a result, comparison news comes one after another.

We saw a comparison between the PC version of the latest game and the PS5 version. The differences between the two versions are clearly understood in the published videos. Of course, the main issue is how the graphics look.


God of War PC Version vs PS5 Version

A video was posted by GameSpot in a video by IGN . When we look at the videos, it must be said that the legend stands in both versions.

In other words, the game comes with very ambitious visuals on both PS5 consoles and PC versions.

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If we go into a finer comparison, the graphics seem a little more successful in the PC version at 4K ultra settings.

Frankly, I have to underline that the shadings are a bit more successful in the PC version.

It will be a little difficult to describe the reviews in writing. For this reason, I will share the two videos that have been published with you.


It can now be viewed as a frontal comparison for those looking to buy the game. In addition, performance is mentioned in the videos, I recommend you to pay attention to those parts. For now, the optimization of the game is good, but it is still necessary to wait for more detailed video reviews.

NOTE: There is also a situation in comparisons that the PS5 version is backwards compatible. So the game did not come out directly for PS5. This should be taken into account and the evaluation should be made accordingly.


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