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Giant Discounts Started for PlayStation Store

PlayStation Store is on the agenda with discount opportunities. Discounts, which were said to start in January, finally became active and we saw that discounts up to 90% started to be offered.

We clearly see that there are discounts on many famous productions. Moreover, there are no discounts valid only for PS4 console games. In addition, we see discounts for PS5 console games.


Games Available at PlayStation Store Discounts

We will look at the details of which games are included in the discount and what the discount rates are. I would like to give advice for a few games as well. During this period, there are good games at unmissable prices.

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Let’s move on to the productions we have chosen among the games on sale and their new prices.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Deluxe Edition – The game, which comes across as an extended package, is normally sold at a price of 539 TL. But for the PS4 version, the price is now down to 123 TL .

Need For Speed ​​Heat – The normal price of the game, which is quite high as 869 TL,was announced as 173 TL in this discount period. There is a discount of around 80%.


Star Wars Battlefront II – The game, whose normal price is around 134 TL,is offered for sale at a price of 33 TL with a 75% discount.

Call of Duty Black Ops III Zombies Chronicles Edition – The price of the game, which is 254 TL, is currently 71 TL.

Civilization VI Platinum Edition – The normal price of the game, which is quite high as 439 TL, is currently around 175 TL with a discount .

PlayStation Store discounts continue at full speed. If you’re wondering what other games the discounts apply to and want to see the discount page.


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