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The 3 Most Anticipated Strategy Games of 2022

The year 2022 will take a step towards important developments for the gaming world. There are many famous productions that we are waiting for. Previously, we talked about the games coming this year for PlayStation users. This time we will look at the work from a slightly narrower framework. We will talk about games that should not be missed for strategy lovers. At this point, there are 3 games I chose. Let’s take a look at the productions I have chosen for the 3 most anticipated strategies of 2022.

I’m waiting for your comments whether it is worth the wait or not. Then let’s get right to the games.


The Most Anticipated Strategy Games of 2022 and their Release Dates

Let me remind you again that I will only include 3 games at the moment. But if there are games that you are curious about or waiting for, you can write them in the comments. We will share the details for those games with you.

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The Settlers – March 17, 2022 Release Date

One of Ubisoft’s most ambitious series. In fact, if we look at the past of the game, we see that it has a history of almost 30 years. The game, developed and published by Blue Byte directly by Ubisoft, will appear with its new face this time.

The Settlers, which will again be a real-time strategy game , will bear the signature of the Snowdrop game engine. Since I have tried it myself, I can say that it is possible to produce really high quality works in this game engine. The engine, bearing the signature of Ubisoft, will take The Settlers series to a different point.

When we look at the gameplay, we will see 3 different civilizations in the production. One of 3 different communities , Jorn, Maru and Elari , can be chosen. Each group will have its own characteristics and many distinctive features.

You will establish your civilization, you will develop and you will try to defeat the enemies by protecting yourself by establishing giant armies.


The production, which will also support multiplayer for up to 8 players, is much more detailed this time, I can say.

When building a civilization, you will need to have a deep infrastructure. In this detailed structure, there is an economy and an army order.

Let me remind you that the game, which I have seen from the shared videos, that the models are also very ambitious, is currently on pre-order. The price is determined as 269 TL .

Company of Heroes 3 – 2022 but there is no exact date for now.

Relic Entertainment is back on the field again. Company of Heroes, one of the first productions that come to mind when it comes to tactical war games, is being renewed after a long time. The new game of the series will be the most detailed Company of Heroes ever .

One of the biggest pluses of the new game will be the new dynamic campaign map. You will host a very detailed war by controlling the land forces, naval forces and even air forces separately on the giant map.

You will experience the atmosphere of World War II in the series, which has been made very successful visually with the Essence Engine . The game, where you can test your command abilities, will also offer rich game modes in terms of both multiplayer and single player modes.

Total War Warhammer III – February 17, 2022

Again, one of the productions bearing the signature of SEGA. Warhammer III, which will appear as the last game of the legendary trilogy , will again feature terrifying battlefields. The game doesn’t get out of the spirit of the series. Again, in the universe where chaos begins to dominate, you will either choose the demons or choose to destroy them.

As always, in the game where we will see huge armies, there will now be more content, race and tactical advantages. We’ll see how much it shows when it comes out.

We’ve come to the end of our mini list for the 3 most anticipated strategy games of 2022 . I’m also adding videos so that you can have more ideas about the games. As I always say, I welcome your comments for the games.


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