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Nostalgic Train Released for Xbox Consoles

Publisher Amata Games and developer Tatamibeya have released the first-person adventure game NOSTALGIC TRAIN on the Microsoft Store,

It has been announced for the Xbox Series and Xbox One .


NOSTALGIC TRAIN first released for PC via Steam on June 13, 2018. It was subsequently released for Switch on August 19, 2021, and PlayStation 4 on November 25, 2021. You can click here to reach the game’s Steam page .

This is a rural area with a nice view. The station reads “Natsugiri”. A one-way railway line. You wake up here without remembering anything and mysteriously. Is there anyone in this unknown place?

It’s so bright you can barely see it. The sound of cicadas blends with the scent of the sea. You are sitting on a wooden bench in an old station.


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