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How to Get Epic Games Savings Coupon? 130 TL Coupon

We are getting used to the surprises of Epic Games. Think about it, now one has started to surprise enough to get used to it. 🙂 The surprise that came this time was the Epic Games Savings Coupon surprise.

The campaign, which allows players to access coupons worth 130 TL, allows you to reach significant discounts on many games. So what kind of coupon are we talking about and what should I do to get this coupon?


What is Epic Games Savings Coupon?

Epic Games’ coupon provides an additional discount of 130 TL . It should be noted that the coupon, whose full name is “Register and Save” , is not given completely free of charge.

In exchange for the coupon, you have to subscribe to Epic Games’ notifications in the communication preferences.

How to Get Epic Games Savings Coupon?

I’m past the part where you need to have an account to get the coupon. How to get the coupon without an account already. 🙂 First, start by logging into an account.

  • Immediately after, go to the Epic Games page from the link here and enter the coupon by clicking on the “Learn how to do it” section from the open coupon section. (You can also use the more info button)
    • A redirect will be made to the communication preferences page.
    • Here you have to accept the subscription. Edit your communication preferences by toggling the “Subscribe to emails” box.
    • That’s all you will do. The coupon will now appear as defined in your account.

    The process is ok, but everything is not like in fairy tales. 🙂 It should be added that there are some conditions. Let’s take a look at these conditions.

    1. Coupon Usage: Unfortunately, there is a lower payment limit. To use the coupon, you need to buy a gameminimum value of 199 TL .

    2.Time Period: On February 27, 2022 at 19:00 Turkish time, the Epic Games Savings Coupon will expire. When the time expires, you will not be able to use the coupon. Until then, use the coupon.


    This is how we saw the new surprise of Epic Games. Let us remind you that new month discounts are also offered during this period. In other words, Epic Games continues to list the good news one after another. Let’s see how long this goes on.



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