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Console Game Shadow Madness Coming to PC

Piko Interactive, Bleem! and developer Crave Entertainment announced the turn-based RPG game Shadow Madness for PC.

The game has announced that it will release for PC via Steam on February 15 .


Shadow Madness was first released for PlayStation on June 1, 1999 in North America and February 25, 2000 in Europe.

The world of Arkose is in Chaos due to a mysterious plague known as “Shadow Madness”. This incurable disease causes an increase in aggressive motives and leaves behind piles of dust. You are the only hope of this cursed land. You must stop this scourge before it stops you.

Features of the game

  • Complex battle scenarios with three spell styles.
  • Six unique heroes with different personalities.
  • Over 48 hours of epic gameplay.
  • A rich story similar to classics like Final Fantasy VII.
  • Turn-based combat system.
  • Minigames.

Finally, you can click here to reach the game’s Steam page 


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