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Why Did Battlefield 2042 Fail?

There is no one who loves the FPS genre and does not know the Battlefield series. It must be admitted that it is an ambitious series. The last game of the series, which has been going on for years, is Battlefield 2042 .

The last game was also a game that came out with great hopes and was expected to make a sound. Yes, the game made a sound, but it sounded in the opposite direction. Even Battlefield fans didn’t like the game. Company officials also said that they were aware of this issue.


So why did the game fail? According to new allegations, EA held a special meeting to discuss this issue.

What’s the Key to Failure for Battlefield 2042?

It is said that the reasons for the failure of the game were discussed at the meeting, which was allegedly held closed. According to the opinions of the dev team, there are 3 important reasons for the failure.

At the beginning of these is the update of the Frostbite software , which is used as a game engine .

The team has done a study and prepared the game to a large extent. The update to the game engine after that changed things from start to finish. Although certain places in the game changed after the update, of course, this caused an incompatibility. At least that’s what the allegations are.

Imagine how much of an impact a subsequent update could have on a huge game. Things can turn around in an instant.


The second reason is shown as a pandemic. The period of working in the office was interrupted during the pandemic process. Of course EA was affected by this. Working from home is not an easy task as it is always thought.

There may be extra problems in terms of motivation, job follow-up and order. Especially if you’re developing a game and that game is Battlefield 2042, it’s harder to work from home. Because it’s teamwork. It is said that there are disconnections in the team and this situation reflects negatively on the game.

The last reason seems a bit silly to me. Again, the third reason, which was allegedly discussed at the meeting, was shown as Halo Infinite. I don’t know what effect Halo’s untimely launch has had.

These are the reasons discussed at the meeting. Yes, these reasons can be valid reasons. The game may also have failed. But if you ask me, both EA Games and the Battlefield series have the credit to remove this bug. I think the company has gone too far.

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After numerous successful Battlefield series, Battlefield 2042  frustration will not hurt the series. In my opinion, the opposite may cause the company to explode in its new game. What happened in the construction of 2042 will be wanted to be forgotten.


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