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When Will the New Game of Call of Duty Coming? Description Arrived

It’s true that a concern for the Call of Duty game series arose after Activision was acquired by Microsoft . From now on, while saying whether the series will continue from PlayStation game consoles or different revisions will be made, now the claim that there will be no new games in 2023 has come to the fore.

It was said that there would be a delay, and it was claimed that the new game would be presented in 2024, bypassing the year 2023 . Here is an explanation that renders the allegations unfounded.


Call of Duty Game Future

In a statement made after the allegations, Activision announced that Call of Duty games will continue to come this year, as it does every year. The company, which denies the news in the press, will thus not break its tradition.

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Every year we will be faced with a new COD series. Now we will see whether the new games are free-to-play or the continuation of the AAA series.

The firm, which has a clear decision on consoles, will not change the process related to the purchase, it seems.

The series will continue from where it left off by being published for all consoles. Thus, we can clearly say that the allegations are unfounded


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