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Ubisoft and Take-Two Suspend Sales in Russia!

In line with the information we obtained through Engadget, video game developers Ubisoft and Take-Two Interactive became the last companies to join the companies that decided to cut their ties with the country by suspending game sales in Russia , which occupied Ukraine .

In a blog post it published, Ubisoft officially announced that they have decided to stop their sales in Russia, citing the “continuing tragedy in Ukraine”. The company did not share details in the post, but a report by Bloomberg claims that the ban includes both physical and digital game sales.


Take-Two bans new sales and installations

The company Take-Two shared that it has decided to temporarily block sales and installations of new games in both Russia and Belarus. The ban applies to all subsidiaries of Take-Two parent company, including 2K Games and Rockstar Games behind the Grand Theft Auto series.

” After substantial consideration, we decided last week to discontinue new sales, installations and marketing support at all our labels in Russia and Belarus at this time.”


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