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They Managed to Run Halo: Infinite and GTA 3 on an eBook Reader!

Achilleswing, one of the Reddit users , shared that Rockstar Games’ legendary game Grand Theft Auto 3 is also running an electronic book reader called Boox Nova Pro. In another post by the same user, he also showed that he was running the Halo Infinite game on the same device.

Boox Nova Pro is an Android operating system-based device and has a 16-bit grayscale display with 300 DPI 1872×1404 resolution. It is also powered by a quad-core 1.6 GHz Cortex-A17 processor and has 2GB LPPDR3 RAM. Having an Android operating system allows users to access the Google Play Store and naturally has Google Play Services.


After a little effort, you can download and install games from the app store via .APK on this e-book reader.

GTA 3 running on an e-reader from GTA

GTA 3 gives between 8 and 15 FPS on the device, and of course, it does not offer a very good image and gameplay on the ink screen, but the impressive thing here is that an electronic book reader is also running a game.

Halo Infinite from einkgames

With Halo Infinite’s multiplayer mode, Achilleswing downloaded the Xbox Game Pass Android app and was able to connect to Xbox One consoles and play remotely. As you can imagine, the FPS rates are quite low and are in single digits, and the image quality is also very low.


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