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The Last Trailer for Elden Ring Has Arrived! Countdown for the Game Has Started

Elden Ring, one of the most talked about games of this year , will be with us in a few days. The game will be released on February 25 and we will see the production on all platforms.

Shares continue to come in honor of the release of the game, which we are curious about both the PC and console experience. The last trailer video, which we call the exit trailer for the latest new game, has been released.


Attention to Graphics in Elden Ring Trailer

The debut trailer is not very long. Just an almost 3 minute trailer . But it’s a trailer that tells a lot about the game. The game, which will be developed by FromSoftware and distributed by Bandai Namco , will offer a truly fantastic world.

There are scenes similar to Japanese anime. Whether you call it giant dragons or power swords, whatever you look for, it will be.

When I look at the trailer, I see that the system requirements discussions will come to an end. Because there were those who found the system requirements of the game high. But I think the game couldn’t have asked for less with these details, these models and textures.


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