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Street Fighter 6 Announced! Here is the New Game of the Legendary Series

Have you ever played games on arcade machines with tokens? If your childhood passed in the 90s, you will surely remember these machines. Here is a legendary production that became famous with these machines. Of course, we are talking about the Street Fighter game. The king of arcades of a time, now continues on his way with new generation games that force systems. Now, the new production of this legendary series, Street Fighter 6 , has appeared.

The first shares came for the production, which bears the signature of Capcom. At the moment, the information is very limited, but soon we will see that much more information is shared for the new game.


The First Video for Street Fighter 6 Has Arrived

As a result of the countdown started by Capcom , the first video for the new game was released. The video is pretty short.

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It’s just a 39 second video . But it’s a good enough video for us to understand the spirit of Street Fighter 6 . So much so that the characters in the video are Luke and Ryu , who are as legendary as the game .

We have been able to see these two characters for now, but it must be said that these characters also have very realistic graphics.

Frankly, what I understand from the visuals is the future of a new generation game with much better models.


We are looking forward to other details of the upcoming game, including all platforms, namely PS5, Xbox Series, PS4, Xbox One, PC .

It was said that the rest of the details of the game will be announced at the beginning of the summer. When will this legend return?


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